Jaxcent makes Webforms programming as simple as Winforms programming


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May 14, 2012
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Jaxcent for .NET (http://www.jaxcent.com/dotnet/) uses AJAX to eliminate postbacks in ASP.NET web applications, and to provide an event-driven style programming. This allows programming Webforms as simple as Winforms programming, by handling events from HTML elements such as buttons, and by directly changing/updating the page.

Eliminating postbacks results in elegant designs, easier programming, and easier debugging.

Finally, the much reduced amount of data traffic results in snappier responsiveness, and reduced load on the server resulties in high performance.

Jaxcent for .NET can be used with ASPX pages, and integrates well with existing ASP.NET pages. Jaxcent for .NET can also be used directly with raw HTML pages.
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