Question Make a batch close to real time


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Jun 27, 2016
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rather than a question it's more of a discussion I think.

so I have a file storage system.
and now I'm building a simple searching page for that system.
for security reason, the search page can't access the main system directly.
which means I have to make a new table in a different database and copying the main system data.

simply put the system outline is like this

main system DB --> batch (copy) --> search page DB --> search page.

now the problem is the search page can't searching in real time as the batch only run once in a day.
while it's impossible to run the batch more than once in a day because of the data quantity.
does anyone know good using policy to make batch close to real time.
or does anyone know any other way to do this without using batch while not accessing the main system directly.


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