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Sep 6, 2016
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hello need help with makeing a packet parcer in c# with visual studio, this is the packet [Server] packet : (0x72) F_CREATE_MONSTER Size = 157 |----------------------- - need the tool to parce the packet into a sql file for sql database, ok heres some info what it needs to do , it needs to ignore the first 3 bytes 00 9A 72 and convert 05 E4 to dec 1358 and add it to Oid in the table then skip
00 00 0E AA 1B 60 00 0C BB BF 00 0E 46 9A 00 00 and add 04 C2 which is model 1218, next byte is 37 =55 maxscale ,next byte is 02 for minlevel,next byte 42 is= 66 is for faction also needs to add the names, ive atached a picture of what it should look like when added to db it also needs to check the names and old values in db and update them from the packets


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