Maptionary: A library for parsing YAML/XML/JSON


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Nov 19, 2016
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I made a thing, and would very much like input / critiques / comments from folks, if you're interested. It's a library for parsing JSON/YAML/XML into a very free-form and forgiving data structure (that resembles hashes in Ruby/JS/Python).

You can find it here:

I built this out of a need to handle JSON/XML APIs; a desire to use YAML for configuration, etc; and a frustration with (specifically) the data structures supplied by the predominate JSON and YAML C# libraries. It's also designed to work with Unity3D, which really just means the C# version I can use is restricted. Note: It is NOT intended for serialization of data structures, but rather, serialization of data. (The existing libraries do an excellent job of data structure (de)serialization, but sometimes that's not what you need).

I would very much like commentary and criticism, if anyone here is interested in taking a closer look!
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