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Sep 26, 2014
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I am trying to create message box text programmatically so that it appears to be a receipt I have the match and such in a separate object from the form main and I can get the math and the information I need I cannot however create a message box containing the information I need.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am using windows forms

I have the following data members

// Grabs the value saved in the reference GetItemCount() Method

string itemsCountNeeded = string.Format("{0:d}", currentSale.GetItemCount());

// Grabs the value saved in the reference GetUnitPrice() Method

string itemCost = string.Format("{0:c}", currentSale.GetUnitPrice());

// Grabs the value saved in the reference GetNetPrice() Method

string calculatedNetPrice = string.Format("{0:c}", currentSale.GetNetPrice());

// Grabs the value saved in the reference GetStateTax() Method

string stateTaxOwed = string.Format("{0:c}", currentSale.GetStateTax());

// Grabs the value saved in the reference GetLocalTax() Method

string localTaxOwed = string.Format("{0:c}", currentSale.GetLocalTax());

// Grabs the value save in the reference GetTotalCost() Method

string calculated_TotalCost = string.Format("{0:c}", currentSale.GetTotalCost());

I need to have the information displayed in a way similar to:

Order Receipt
Items Ordered: 12
Cost Per Item: $1.25
Net Price: $15.00
State Tax: $1.12
Local Tax: $0.38
Order Total: $16.49

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