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Nov 25, 2022
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hello! is it possible to create something like node-red on c#. Thank's.🤔
Sorry. Bad link. Let me try again...

Anyway, as I generally tell our users: "Almost, anything is possible. The question is how much time and money are you willing to spend."
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If you want something already pre-built that does flow based programming (and don't want to deal with downloading the source code, or deploying to servers, or scaling up, or backups, etc.), just use PowerAutomate.

And to answer your original question, yes, it is possible to do something like node-red in C#. PowerAutomate is written in C#.
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Then you would tackle it just like any other programming problem. Break down the big problem into smaller problems. Have a plan to solve the smallest set problems that will let you create a prototype. Have a superset of that plan that will let you create a minimum viable product. Start solving the small problems to get you to the prototype stage. Apply what you learned making the first prototype to either make another prototype, or move on to making a MVP. Expand the MVP to a full product.

I highly recommend solving the data and logic flow problems first using just a console app and unit tests first. This is truly the heart of the system. Do not get sucked into creating the UI first.
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