Mystery, SDK with or without sources

Mr. Bison

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Dec 29, 2016
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Sorry i do not speak English very well
Then one third party company offers your solution in form of the SDK with source code or not.
Obviously with source code is most expansive in cost.
I will not only works with these SDK as single developer (adding my code, dubugging, implementing,,...) but also i will to offers .exe programs for my clients that make use features of the SDK.

The question is:
I will to commit these SDK with or without your sources?

I am sorry, I am a newcomer!
You don't need the source code in order to make use of the SDK. You would only need the source code if you want to be able to step through it while debugging and/or if you wanted to make changes to it. If you just want to be able to make use of its functionality then you don't need the source code.
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