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Oct 30, 2016
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Hi All,

Looking for your valuable advice on solution architecture for my requirement.

I have a requirement to develop an application using c#.Net, ASP.Net and SQL Server. The application should develop using latest version of .Net which can easily brows able in desktop and download as APP in mobile and IPad.

Key features of application are,

1) 2 way chatting facility to users (May be third party tools, I will use)
2) Able to send SMS to users (May be third party tools, I will use)
3) Generating dashboards and reports. The reports should be able to export to excel
4) Email Notifications to users

Here my question is,

1) Which version of .net I need to use to develop the application with above features and can able to run on multiple platforms (Multiple devices)?
2) Which tool I need to use to develop application like Visual Studio or Xamarin or any other free best tool, please advice.
3) I don?t want develop, deploy or maintain source code in multiple locations based on client (Mobile, Desktop or IPad). I want to write code in one place and build, deploy in one location which can be work as APP, web application. Please advise here development and deployment methods need to follow.

Hope I have given you clear information to understand and respond. In case need any more information, please let me know.

Thanking in advance for your kind response.
If you want to create an deploy one application that everyone can use then you have no choice but to create a web application and deploy it to a web server. If you want to create an app that gets installed locally on multiple platforms then Xamarin is the logical option.

Even then though, it's not going to be a case of just creating one project, building it and deploying it to one place. Until Microsoft, Apple and Google get together and make their ecosystems compatible, that's simply not possible. With a Xamarin project, you can use only components that will work on all three platforms but you may get better results if you use platform-specific components in certain cases. The choice is yours. You'll then have to publish separately for each platform. If I'm not mistaken, anything targeting iOS still has to be built and published on a Mac. Thanks Apple!
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