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Sep 11, 2022
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Not sure if I'm even allowed to post this here and if not, I apologize.

You will need the Game on Steam which I can gift you.
This is a Tool used inside of the Game Halo MCC.

I'm looking for someone to modify the software below.

.) Adding the function to be able to copy the markers (coordinates) from a previous clip/and or map. A way to copy the camera path information. The time difference (how long it takes for the dolly to travel from one marker to another) as well as the exact angle/coordinates of each marker. A full-on copy and paste type function. When we throw the clips together on our editing programs, we want to be able to blend 2 clips together on the same map, and make it look like everything is happening at once.

.) Currently, the dolly program starts playing the film file instantly when you trigger the dolly to run its path. We want to be able to toggle the (pause/play) function whenever we like while the dolly is in motion. Link to source code - GitHub - Airyzz/Halo-Tools: Adding Dollycam to Halo 3 (MCC)

Thank you
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