Need help to understand how to make scripts


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Aug 13, 2020
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So I´m a computer engineering student and this semester i have studied C# so i know a lil bit.
The thing is, there is a website in which i would like to make a script. The script would be about waiting on a certain page of the site which is usually empty and when an item appears to be withdrawn take it and tell me (when the items appear on the page they pop up and usually are there for like 5 seconds before someone takes them). So the script would consist of waiting until something pops up and making a few clicks on certain spots of the screen that are always the same. But i have absolutely 0 knowledge about c# scripting, i tried searching online but didnt find much that i could understand. Do any of you guys know where i could start looking up to see if I can eventually make it?
Thank you and sorry if my english is not the best :D
As a quick aside, in C# the programs and snippets which are written are called "code", no "scripts". It's only in Unity where you write snippets of C# code where they call that code as "scripts", but that is following with the game industry's jargon for any code that is not part of the core engine as "scripts", the same way the rest of the software industry would call plugins what the game industry would call mods.
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