Question Opening new tab containing preset


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Mar 30, 2016
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First of all, This is my first ever real project, soo... I'm terrible at coding.. But you have to start somewhere right? :D

So I'm using this command to open a new numbered tab each time I press the button, and now I wonder what I need to do to add a timer, a start/stop button for the timer, a "done" button that moves the tab to another tabcontroller and copy a already made checklist into the new tab, every time it is pushed :| :D

(Yes the words on the buttons and the main tabs is in Norwegian, but that does not matter right?)

I need the green button in the lower right corner ("Fullf?r Bestilling") to open up a new tab in tabControl2 (underneath).

Then I need the program to automatically add a timer, start/stop button for the timer, a copy of the checklist from the tab "Aktive Bestillinger" and a move button that can move the whole tab to tabControl3 (underneath).

Just ask if there was something you didn't understand.
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