Philadelphia-area Job Opportunities


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Jul 6, 2015
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I have six current openings in the Philadelphia area for anyone that's looking:

Malvern, PA - A Senior/Lead position (95k +10%bonus - PERM): C#/, experience with WCF and Azure a plus. The company is in infrastructure and has a great working environment.

Center City Philadelphia - A mid-to-senior level requirement (tops out at 105k - PERM) with a health/sciences non-profit. C#/ 4.0-4.5/ expertise. Fantastic benefits and a high profile entry on your resume.

Horsham, PA - 4 needs (Junior - 50-70k, Mid - 70-90k, Senior 90-110k, Lead - 100-120k - PERM) - These are with a software company that's in the financial planning bucket. C#/

All are active and seeking qualified candidates. If you are interested in further details or want to be considered, submit resumes to Currently all require at least a Green Card Holder or Citizen for consideration. If you aren't looking but know someone who might be, pass my details along. Thank you.
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