Resolved Process of Building Web Apps


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Apr 27, 2022
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Hi everyone, I would like to build a menu display system for tablets(no ordering feature). I have defined some endpoints for my API and it works (I'm using .NET Core and PostgreSQL)
There are three main projects in a solution I guess:
- Frontend for customer (Angular v13)
- Backend for configuration, like adding menu items and menus (Angular v13 and .NET 6)
- API for data retrieval, like getting the menu item under specific menu (.NET 6)
However, I'm very new to front-end development and building web apps. I keep learning everyday but I don't clearly see the direction to build my web app.
Should my Backend be the API or should I separate them? Should I start my Frontend first? What is the order of the process?I'm so frustrated.
I hope I have clarified my queries since there are so many things I need to learn and I do not know where I should put my effort first to see my progress. Any learning advice or tips are welcome. I truly really appreciate your answer, thanks.
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