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Aug 31, 2023
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Hello, I want to make the progressbar with a picture system to create a cool theme for my game updater. How can I do this? Is there a feature to add images for the progressbar? I looked through all the forums and videos but couldn't find it. It can be done in C++. Is it available in C#?
It can be done in C++.

How is it done in C++? Why not implement the same way in C#?

Or is the C++ dependent on some library or framework that is not in C#, and now you have to port the code from the library or framework from scratch?

Anyway, the progress bar in C# WinForms is just a thin layer on top of the Windows Common Controls which traditionally was access in C/C++ until the .NET Framework was created.
This is clearly not a C# General question. It is clearly about a specific UI technology but, as pretty much all the candidates have a control named ProgressBar, it's impossible to know exactly which one. I'm going to guess Windows Forms and move this thread to the corresponding forum. If that is not correct, please specify which it is and we can move the thread again. In future, please post in the most specific forum for the subject of the issue and, if that can't be indicated by the forum itself, specify things like the technology you're using in your first post. ALWAYS provide ALL the relevant information.
Also, as I think about it more. A progress bar is just a strip screen real estate that is about 30-40 pixels high and maybe 200-300 pixels wide. I'm not sure what kind of background images you are thinking of putting in that small space. Perhaps you are thinking about a full blown dialog with a progress bar, or a splash screen with a progress bar.
Just put an image X pixels high by Y pixels wide in a in a picturebox X pixels high by 0 pixels wide and progressively make it wider by the formula "Y/(100.0/progress)" ie when progress is 50 percent, Y is divided by 2
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