Queueing Machine with arduino thermal printer and GSM module ..


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Aug 14, 2019
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how can i use my thermal printer while i use the visual studio for my windows apllication ? do you have any codes on how i can merge my arduino thermal printer and the GSM module to the visual studio , queueing Machine ? i need it in my project soon will be defend :)
how can i connect my arduino thermal printer to my windows application in my visual studio to print a priority number ?
If the printer uses a regular Windows driver or even the generic Windows Plain Text printer driver, then just follow Petzold's chapter in Programming Windows (5th or 6th edition) regarding printing. On Windows as long as you have the correct print driver, the printing code is always the same. 5th edition is for WinForms, while 6th edition is for more modern XAML based apps.
im using in my laptop a windows10 , and a visual studio for printing mg priority number . is it okay to use any thermal printer as long it has a driver ?
On Windows yes. This not like the days of DOS when each program had to carry around it's own printer drivers and so it became an arms race among the word processors and desktop publishing apps over who supported the most printers.
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