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Nov 13, 2012
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In a C# 2010 desktop application, I want to change the application so that it will only allow users to select a
report that meets the following criteria:
1. part of the file name is "ErrorReport" and
2. The last node of the file name is .xlsx or .xls.
So far I have the following code:

string[] excelFiles = Directory.GetFiles(strDirectoryLoc, "*ErrorReport*")
.Select(path => Path.GetFileName(path))
.Where(x => (x.EndsWith(".xlsx") || x.EndsWith(".xls"))
&& (!x.StartsWith("~")))
This code works when I am selecting only excel (*.xls or *.xlsx) files.
The problem occurs if the user selects a .pdf file iniitally and there is actually a file in the directory path
that meets the criteria I listed above. The code will ignore the .pdf file the user selects and will actually use the
excel file that is in the directory path.
Thus how can I change the code listed above to say the .pdf file is invalid?

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