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Feb 15, 2017
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Welcome to dezCrypterv2.0!
(Obfuscation and Source Encryption)

Reminder: This Only Works For .NET Assembly For Now.

1.) Smartassembly Obfuscation

Smart Assembly Features:

1.) Do strong name signing;
2.) Add automated error reporting;
3.) Add feature usage reporting;
4.) Merge dependencies (e.g. libraries) into the main assembly (which lets you then apply obfuscation, etc., to them as well);
5.) Embed dependencies into the main assembly (letting you compress and encrypt them in the process, making deployment faster and maintenance nicer);
6.) Automatically prune unneeded metadata like the names of events, properties, and methods (making the assembly smaller such that it’ll run faster and also be much harder to understand if decompiled);
7.) Obfuscate the names of classes, methods (including properties), and fields, with varying levels of configurability;
8.) Obfuscate control flow (modifying the order that code runs in (without messing up how it works) such that the logic becomes very hard to understand;
9.) Have a proxy created at runtime for accessing methods, properties, and fields in external assemblies, which makes any attempts to modify the assembly render it non-working;
10.) Compress and encrypt resources;
11.) Encode non-constant strings, which is useful if you need to store sensitive information such as passwords, SQL queries, etc., in your code;
12.) Apply several other protections and optimizations (e.g. sealing classes that aren’t inherited from);
13.) Generate debugging information which will let you debug your modified assembly in your IDE; and
14.) Integrate into your build process.

2.) Source Completely Hidden
3.) Multi-Threading Compatible
4.) Runtime (No File Is Ever Dropped)
5.) AES Encryption

1 Obfuscation = 2.50$ (USD)

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hey, im writing a software in c# that is going hook information coming from a pokerclient. I have tried to decompile the software in ILspy without success. It seems IL spy cant decompile even though the program executes just fine. maybe they have some protection on their software

do you know if there is another way to gain access to software?

If you have any idea please post it here or send a personal message.


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