Shared files vs Shared library


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Mar 5, 2019
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I am digging through a legacy system that 1 man took 11 years to write.
It is a terrible mess :-(
However, it runs the business so I have been employed to keep it running and refactor it.

There are several Solutions in the application suite.
They share many files. i.e. A file in 1 solution is added to a different solution.
So not all the files for a solution are in the solution folders on disk.
This means that to build I have to have all the solutions in my local work space so msbuild can find all the files.
And it won't build at all in DevOps as it can't find the files.

I was thinking I'd put the classes from the shared files into a shared .dll and then allow all the Solutions to reference that.
That should help with building.

The dependency will be the same as shared files. e.g. change anything and then need to test the whole suite.

This is the reasonable thing to do?
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