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Sep 16, 2014
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Hey guys,

So I'm thinking of a project for college and I'v been doing some research on it and what I want to do is a Diagnostic/Set-up & Repair Tool for Windows machines that will call the win32 API. The idea came from an Internship I did where there was a lot of laptop/PC set-up and repair. It's also a hobby of mine and I wanted to make the process a bit quicker but also add some more functionality.

The tricky part is that I don't think it's difficult enough as it's really calling process.start for the most part and the help I need are some ways that I could make it more advanced and challenging.
Here's a screenshot of one I mocked up. I'm kind of stumped at this stage and I could do with some more experienced people adding their input. I want to try and keep it to this general area but I'm open to suggestions.
Any help would be really appreciated

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