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Jan 12, 2013
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I'm very new to coding, and have been working on an app to make my life easier. I'll explain some basics of my app and I'm looking for general help as far as best practices.

My app creates a text file output with streamwriter that takes a string and outputs it to a text file. I have 15-20 different text files I need (cisco router configs) based on the devices I need built. Currently I'm using a tabcontrol, and each individual tab has all input boxes and design for the config I want output.

1. Is it best practice to use a tabcontrol for each output I want and keep my strings contained to that function (ie private) or should I create a form for each individual output and call that form?
2. If you use 1 form what is the best way to lay your design out so that you don't have hundreds of text boxes and labels? Currently I have almost 100 text boxes and labels for every single input I need and I use them on their own tabpage.
3. Is it possible to use 1 panel and just hide/show the textboxes and labels I need and relabel them each time? That could cut my design down to 10-15 textboxes but would create a lot of additional code.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. My application is very usable in its current form, but not so easy to update each time I have to add a new tabpage. I end up creating everything I have already and just keeping all strings private.
To me it sounds as you could use a single DataGridView, with one readonly column for the key (label) and one for value input.
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