Treeview in node select Redirect


Sep 20, 2016
Programming Experience
How can i go to other page if i click in the chield node of the TreeView (../../..).

If chield ....
// chield1
// chield2

Thank You
I've never used a Web Forms TreeView. I visited the MSDN web site, searched for TreeNode, opened the documentation topic and there was the answer to your question. It took me about 20 seconds to find it in total. Why haven't you done that? You don;t even have to visit the MSDN web site as you can use the Help menu in VS.
But you now What you are searching..
All I did was search for TreeNode. Are you saying that didn't know that you needed information about TreeNodes? I certainly hope not. If you think that you are up to writing software then you're quite capable of clicking the Help menu in VS and typing in the name of the type you're interested in information about. If that's really too hard for you then maybe software development isn't for you.
Yes you are right i?m learning VS for the last 30 days and i?m doing this as a hobby. I type and seach "google" for my needed by places like this i thing is for leaning from the best or from experience from the otheres some times doesen?t work but the most important is learning the best way to do thing?s. But sorry for taking the people time.
You don't have to be sorry for taking people's time but you will be the one to benefit if you learn to solve more of your own problems. If you need help then the Help menu in VS should be your first stop. You won't always find what you need there and you won't always understand what you find but the more often you do it, the more beneficial it will become. I speak from personal experience.
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