Visual Studio doesn't detect .NET framework. Only .NET Core.. Help?


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Jun 30, 2019
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I tried reinstalling VS, installing .NET from the additional components panel and manually from the microsoft site. It just doesn't show up. Any ideas?
What workloads did you select in the installer? Please run it and show us a screenshot of that page. Please also state EXACTLY what type of project you're trying to create.
If you're trying to install . net frameworks, I suggest you first run your windows updater and get the latest patches and such that way through the windows updater, as there is a common bug reported in 2017 which some people have had issues trying to install v4.7. What OS are you using, and what version of Visual studio do you have?

Screenshots of what you're seeing and reporting on here would also be helpful too.
If the Project Type selected is ".NET Core", then the frameworks listed under the Project>Properties>Application>Target Frameworks will only list the .NET Core options...
Na, surely I'm well wrong. if it was an install issue, the OP would have to be using Windows 98 or Me and 2000, lol highly unlikely...

Two sharp thinkers up there ^^ ;)
Actually, C# Desktop Development is no longer selected by default in VS2019 installer. If you fail to select it .NET Framework targets will not be available.
I am such an idiot. I had wrongly selected my project to use Core instead of just .NET. I thought I could change the framework between the two different ones. Thanks for the help.
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