Where to create IEnumerable List?


Mar 18, 2014
Programming Experience
I am making what is basically an electronic checkbook app using Windows Forms.

I've created three new classes: Accounts, Transactions & Categories. I figured out HOW to use IEnumberable & LINQ statements to create a query that will search through all the transactions. And I also successfully bound that query to a DataGrid. But I know I didn't create these in the right "scope".

So now I'm trying to figure out the best place "scopewise" to create my List <T> objects. I also need to make them serializable so that I can write them out to a binary file.

Well I was able to get it working (including the serialization). But I'm not sure if I did it the right way.

I opened the same file in which the main form (and all the child elements) is declared. I declared the accounts, transactions & categories variables at the top of the form class definition. Then the click event action for the dialog adds the data to these variables.
You should define a class to handle the data access and then make use of that class wherever it's needed. Under the circumstances, you might want to make that class implement the Singleton pattern.
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