Question Windows Application to Maintain Fuel Dispensers Readings and Sales


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Apr 10, 2017
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Hello C Sharpers...

This is dtoxic, my experience in C# is "Hello World":hopelessness:. I have been recently appointed at a fuel station as a Data Entry Operator, there is no POS (Point of Sale) system installed here. All the data is maintained manually with pen and paper. It is actually a small fuel station. Now the manager wants me to make a small application with a database to maintain their records (the manager thinks that I am an IT expert LOL). It has almost been a month that I am trying to achieve this, I have tried spreadsheet first, but there was a lot of hard work to do, recording data on spreadsheet was more like working with a pen and paper. Then I tried Access but got stuck. I searched everywhere on the internet for an easier and secure approach. I found that C# with Microsoft SQL is the best option. But the problem is, with limited experience in database and C# it is very difficult for me to create this application. So I found this forum on google. And now I am here seeking help from experts like you. It is a humble request from all of the experts around csharpforum to please help me with this project. I have already Installed Visual Studio 2015 and SQL Server 2014. Please help me with this guys.
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