Question Windows Forms (Winforms) or WPF? (2019)


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Apr 15, 2011
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It's 2019 and Windows Forms continues to seem to dominate mainly I suppose for ease of use, drag and drop, no requirement for MVVM. Microsoft has easy fixes for high dpi support and I've tested this on a 4K monitor and it does seem fine. I do wish the default font size was not 8pt but that is one thing that seems to have carried over since the 90's.

We are facing a new project and we most likely will use WPF. We have to gain proficiency with WPF, XAML, MVVM (which we already use in mobile and other areas, that's not the biggest thing here). Component vendors still seem to favor Winforms but obviously WPF has a lot of potential and capability to take an application to the next level and with Apple's brainwashing on form over function WPF again seems to be the right answer.

We heavily use DevExpress components and like them, they as mentioned above do seem to favor Winforms which is probably easier to add components for coming from an ActiveX/VCL background. I'm not sure how .NET Core 3 plays into this but I do know being proficient with XAML will also help should anyone choose to use Xamarin Forms.

As many here face this dilemma, tell your story of what platform you choose (Winforms vs. WPF) and why. When is the last time you started a new project and made this choice and how did it pan out?
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