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Jun 24, 2016
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my codes on the Form1.cs:
string Kodu, Detay, KayitAnahtar, KayitID;
CustomBinding binding = new CustomBinding(new CustomTextMessageBindingElement("iso-8859-1", "text/xml", MessageVersion.None), new HttpsTransportBindingElement());

EndpointAddress adres = new EndpointAddress("");

workflowWS.WorkflowPortTypeClient dene = new WorkflowPortTypeClient(binding,adres);
dene.ClientCredentials.UserName.UserName = "xxxx";
dene.ClientCredentials.UserName.Password = "xxxxx";

var nesne= dene.newWorkflow("0000332123001", "title", "userName", out Kodu, out Detay, out KayitAnahtar, out KayitID);

newWorkflowResponse sonuc = new newWorkflowResponse();
string netice = sonuc.Status;

MessageBox.Show(netice +" / " + "entered to web service");

I try used Reference.cs class of the web service:

public newWorkflowRequest(string ProcessID, string WorkflowTitle, string UserID)
    this.ProcessID = ProcessID;
    this.WorkflowTitle = WorkflowTitle;
    this.UserID = UserID;

public newWorkflowResponse(string Status, string Code, string Detail, string RecordKey, string RecordID)
    this.Status = Status;
    this.Code = Code;
    this.Detail = Detail;
    this.RecordKey = RecordKey;
    this.RecordID = RecordID;

public string newWorkflow(string ProcessID, string WorkflowTitle, string UserID, out string Code, out string Detail, out string RecordKey, out string RecordID)
    denemeWorkflow.workflowWS.newWorkflowRequest inValue = new denemeWorkflow.workflowWS.newWorkflowRequest();
    inValue.ProcessID = ProcessID;
    inValue.WorkflowTitle = WorkflowTitle;
    inValue.UserID = UserID;
    denemeWorkflow.workflowWS.newWorkflowResponse retVal = ((denemeWorkflow.workflowWS.WorkflowPortType)(this )).newWorkflow(inValue);
    Code = retVal.Code;
    Detail = retVal.Detail;
    RecordKey = retVal.RecordKey;
    RecordID = retVal.RecordID;
    return retVal.Status;


I'm trying to do is as shown in Form1.cs. Reach Web service class information is to return there , but always returns a null result . I made the connection with SoapUI tool , the test was successful , but how do I know I am connected via c # code ? Do I make you wonder where mistakes can help ? related web service certificate type for Yak have a login password. Have you made a similar application before ? I appreciate your help , thank you.
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