1. E

    Question mobile development upload videos

    Hello dear kind people. so I have a lot of experience coding for games in C# but its the first time that I want to code an "app" for android and iOS there are 3 things that this app does. 1- it gets a couple of numbers from the server and calculates it based on user input 2-I want to be able...
  2. Duvyanshu

    Answered Why am I unable to locate font files(.ttf) in unity android game in persistentDataPath?

    Can somebody guide me in the right direction? My android game that I made on unity 2018.4.9 using C# on VS 2017 is unable to detect files at persistent data path. The two font files are located in the persistent data path directory. This is a screenshot of app persistent data folder. This is...
  3. Minapps

    How to copy an image from App to external storage Unity Android?

    How can I copy an image from my app to external storage with Unity Android ? I want to store an image in my app, and when the user clicks on a button it appears in the external storage. I found that I can use StreamingAssets or persistentDataPath but it looks like I can only read files from...
  4. Minapps

    How to access android system settings with Unity

    I'm making an app and need to be able to check if settings like : Bluetooth/Phone Rotation/Flashlight/Plane Mode/GPS/Phone Brightness/Silent Mode, are activated on an android phone. I haven't found any way to do it within Unity, using C#. I found ways to do it using Xamarin but none of them...
  5. S

    Question communicate with Android over a USB cable

    Hello, have anyone a idea how I can communicate with a Android app over a USB cable and send strings between Android and Windows? There is a app called DroidCam with such an feature. It uses ADB. I hope anyone can help me.
  6. B

    Xamarin (C#) Android online course for college credit!

    I will be teaching a course on Android App development next term at Lane Community College. You will learn how to build apps using both Android Studio and Java (the standard way to make apps) and using the Xamarin framework and C# to make cross-platform apps. The course starts January 8, 2018...
  7. V

    Arrange List by Distance [Xamarin]

    Hi Everyone, The app that I am working on currently has user details stored in a db and if you click on any user it will show you their details and also their location pin pointed on a map below their details. What I want the app to do is use my current location and then display the users who...
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