1. L

    C# array memory allocation

    Why do arrays in c# have fixed size, if they are dynamicly allocated on the heap? Is it just because the reference for the array is allocated on the stack? Does this mean that c++ dynamic arrays are completely allocated on the heap, even their reference?
  2. C

    Printing values of an array using "while"

    Hello. I am a beginner in programming and I was doing some exercises my teachers assigned and run into some problems. The exercise says that I have to print in the unity console the values of an array if when they're divided by 2 the remainder is 0. But I have to use "While" and I only know how...
  3. 2BadBrockLee

    Beginner trying to code a personality type skill tree, stuck on the first array sequence

    Hi, I have finally gotten the big picture behind coding, but am stuck on the individual functions and how they all activate and such, I'm coding an array with switch statements to place the types in dockets called houses with HouseNumbers, I'm trying to get it to fill out the charts...
  4. SGD2020

    Answered need help with the random method

    I am new to programming and C# and i wanted to create an app for my friend's son to help him with grammar and vocab ,,,, i was thinking of making a random mab libs generator i just cant figure out how to randomize stories rather than numbers if that is even possible any help will be greatly...
  5. eCrescioni

    New to C# - I gave "Image Blur" a shot and wrote about it. (Multidimensional arrays)

    New to C# - I gave "Image Blur" a shot and wrote about it. (Multidimensional arrays) I figured it was a good way to understand multidimensional arrays in C#. Any suggestions or criticism is appreciated, I'm still very new to the language. Here's the link to the post...
  6. rei

    Code not working.

    using System; namespace C_Sharp_Practice { class MainClass { public static void Main (string[] args) { string[] FavoriteFoods = new string[5]; FavoriteFoods[0] = "Apples"; FavoriteFoods[1] = "Carrots"; FavoriteFoods[2] = "Steak"; FavoriteFoods[3] = "Pizza"...
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