1. ahmedaziz

    Question validation message sweet alert display more than once when record exist before and click on submit button multi time ?

    I work on mvc Application Ajax Request Calling I face Issue message sweet alert display more than once if i click button submit more than once if i press same button submit again for same request it will display (message Employee Exist Before) two time if i press same button submit...
  2. ahmedaziz

    Question issue approval index action not redirect to pending action view although no error on debug code?

    I work on mvc Project .I face issue action ApprovalIndex Not redirect to action PendingManagersRequests although no error happen . I debug and trace breakpoint until reach action PendingManagersRequests and trace until I reach to view return View(vmr); without any issues . so why it...
  3. maddyrafi

    Password case sensitive

    Sir, I save my password in database is SAAmi@123 but if even enter in small letters saami@123 means its also logging in but it was not correct. please correct in my code pls if (textBox9.Text != "" && textBox10.Text != "") { string connectionString; MySqlConnection cnn; connectionString =...
  4. maddyrafi

    Resolved Connection string Error VS

    I want to insert table in db and make connection to mysql to vs. The error i attached in the attachment and coding given below using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using...
  5. sachin Shrestha

    testing web API endpoint locally?

    I am Developing a web API in .net MVC how to access that API endpoint in my devices which are connected to my local network for testing on my phone? keyoti not working properly
  6. Sriram

    Answered What are all the possible scenario to write nunit test cases for login page

    I don't have idea about unit testing, what are all the possible scenario for test case to be written for a web application- login page
  7. V

    Question Not reload the page in Ng-Click

    <a class="button" ng-click="L(Post)" ng-if="Post.uid =='true'" href="/About/Aboutpage" style="text-decoration:none;" ng-init="LDetails(Post)"> <input type="image" alt="" src="~/Images/like.png" style="max-height:20px; max-width:20px;" />&nbsp;Like<span class="badge">{{Post.L}}</span> </a> <a...
  8. R

    Question number in error log

    Personal, I would like the following information, I have a validation, and in this validation I send a message in the application to the user that the cell G of the line should be filled, my code looks like this: private void PreliminaryVerification(IEnumerable<DataRow> data) {...
  9. ScottLoudon-VerelogicIT

    C#.Net Software Developer Needed Urgently! - Sheffield - ?35,000 P.A

    Hello All, My client are urgently seeking a number of Software Developers to join their team in Sheffield! :):) Due to growth they are moving into new offices and require multiple C#.Net Developers to join their team. Originally based in London and the South East they are expanding their team...
  10. E

    Looking to hire affordable and Skilled Dot net developers

    We provide highly skilled, dedicated .Net programmers on Monthly, Part-time and Hourly basis. Our .NET programmers have hands-on experience of 5+ years with different versions of ASP.NET , C#, VB.NET. For more information, please visit, www.hiredotnetprogrammers .com Thanks
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