1. aadi56

    Resolved Please help me with and mongoDB

    I am trying to make employee registration page in with database as MongoDB. What I want to do is to have the unique email id, when a user tries to register with a email id it should show that email id already exists in the database I am not able to figure out how to do this in MongoDB...
  2. surik

    what wrong with my code ?

    hello everyone I don't know why my output is wrong .can you help me to fix it ? Gofile
  3. J

    Beginner advice

    Hi, I recently just started too try and increase my knowledge and decided to choose c# and I was just wondering what resources people would recommend for increasing my understanding of the language. Thank you in advance
  4. B

    Question Are their any ways I can improve this short program?

    Hey guys this is my first post, I just wrote a little program which uses some user input to position the "player" in a certain location, the program then generates a position for a "killer", finally determining which position (left, middle, right) you chose, and what random position the killer...
  5. R

    Question number is the same as the random number?

    Hi! im compleetly new at coding and started to watch barnacules codegasm series and one of the episodes is about making a simple magic8ball game, i took this idea and made it a little bit different, but now i need tome help :P Here is my cocde atm (I know there is probably way better ways to...
  6. T

    Question Beginner using multithreading and streamreader - thread hangs and become unresponsive

    Hi all, First post here - XD So I'm working on a project in Unity (an interactive, live animated twitchbot). I'm using TcpClient and StreamReader to connect to the twitch chat and read the messages. Of course streamreader.readline() causes the program to completely hang whilst waiting for...
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