Need help with entity search


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Jun 16, 2022
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Hi, I'm a student, I need to finish a WPF project, and I really need your help.

At the moment I've made a database, authorization, output of information about entities in DataGrid. I'm a beginner and I can't implement entity search, and I also can't figure out what queries can be made for a report with this database and how to output them. A search in one entity was implemented, but stopped working. The second one was not implemented.

There is not much time to think, so I want to ask someone from to help me, we can discuss details or in Telegram private messages. The deadline is tomorrow, 12 PM according to New-York Time

Thanks in advance to everyone who responds
This forum is geared towards community learning, not one-on-one tutoring and/or contract work. I'll move your post over into Job Postings to see if someone wants to help you individually.
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