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  1. C

    Question Reasoning on the class call (XAML)

    Hello ! I'm not used to programming GUIs and I'm looking for the most correct reasoning to develop my little application. I need to extract data from an HDF5 file and then call a DLL so technically, my application is not complicated but I'm wondering about the following. Knowing that on my...
  2. O

    Get Data in Live Chart

    I have a table with weather data. The table consists of an ID, the temperature and the date. I would like to have the temperature data to and the respective year in a line chart output. I want to be able to select via a dropdown menu or via a textbox the respective ID, so that for the...
  3. ivanbossa

    I am in dire need of help with a solution

    I would be really grateful!
  4. Daniel_04

    Problem with the convert string to int in Method

    using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; namespace ConsoloAPP2._199 { class Product { public int ProductId { get; set; } public string ProductName { get; set; } public int AvailableQuantity { get; set; } public decimal...
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