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  1. Gric

    sum of all transactions?

    I'm stuck with Implementing method "TotalProvisionRevenue()" I need sum of all transactions provision . How can I get this data? using BankingSystem.Exceptions; using BankingSystem.Models; using BankingSystem.Repositories; using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq...
  2. J

    Question How can I get a valid stream from a zip file which contains xml?

    Hi Gents, I have a specific requirement is to get a valid stream(which will be further operate) from given zip path? The situation is use a support code snippet to determine given path is xml/zip file(one of these files inside zip is xml which what I want), if it's a xml then easily get a...
  3. G

    mouse hover, mouse leave verses touch start, touch end, click, double click

    I have a Windows Form project in C#, for example I have events like mouse hover over picture box and mouse leave from a picture box. My question is in a case of using a tablet or a phone or touch screen monitor and no mouse is present, I would like to have an option of touch start (similar to...
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