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  1. gceylandag

    Question Barcode printing program in C# Form

    Hello everyone, our products in our Excel file have their own barcode numbers and information. I want to see all the information in Excel in the form and print the barcodes of the products I choose from the ARGOX brand label device. Can you help me how to do this?
  2. gceylandag

    Resolved Extracting data from Excel with C# Form and printing barcodes

    There are products in our company's warehouse. Products have barcodes and item numbers. Saved in Excel. For example, when the product code is written on the form, we want a label to be written on the Argox Brand label machine. How can we do this?
  3. V

    Question Changing the properties of chart's label

    Hi. I will ask something short because I tried to do it myself but couldn't find it. When I add data to the chart object, I print the names of the data on the right side label.My question is, "How can I change the background color of this label?" And that's my code: "...
  4. Paradoxz1

    Question BMI Calculator

    Hi, I have been trying for the past 6 days to get this BMI calculator working to my requirements but to no success. I am not even able to get a value out from it. I don't know where to start looking for the issue as I have been looking at this code for hours now and been looking at different...
  5. Kontorta

    Question form application map help

    Hello guys. My project is this: I will show historical events between 1720 and 1900 on the map and when an event is clicked, the map will take according to the future of that day. Whichever historical event they click on, the map will take shape according to that moment and I will list the...
  6. N

    Help with a working example connectionstring file

    Hello, I am very new to C# and I really need help with a project I am working on. I am looking to load a web.config from say c:\temp\web.config and populating some Text box's from sections of the web.config. I would also need to write in these Text Box's and have it write back to the...
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