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  1. amir1384am

    Build a json editor program

    Hi, I need help. I want to create a program with c # that edits a json file that has four lines. For example, there are four textBoxes, each of which edits the information of one line.
  2. Paradoxz1

    Question BMI Calculator

    Hi, I have been trying for the past 6 days to get this BMI calculator working to my requirements but to no success. I am not even able to get a value out from it. I don't know where to start looking for the issue as I have been looking at this code for hours now and been looking at different...
  3. F

    Question Parallel class to modify flickrviewer app

    You are asked to use Parallel class to modify FlickrViewer app by adding image resizing functionality. More specifically, resize found image(s) and save these resized image locally. You can find the details about how to resize the image from Basic Image Manipulation in C# Here is the link to...
  4. A

    Answered Display different forms inside the main form

    hello there! I have this application with huge space that is usable and buttons on left hand side of the main winForm. I want to display different forms in that blank space and act as a child for that main form. *I am very very very new to C#, m just beginning, any help would be appreciable...
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