c# game development

  1. J

    How to get an object from a list ?

    hello I'm doing a game and I'm stuck here, I have a collider box created and if I put a bucket in the collider box, it will be added to the List and when I put it away from the collider box it will be removed from List but I need it to fill with dirt in that collider box and I don't know how I...
  2. EYEris

    I need advice about custom libraries/frameworks and relevant design patterns

    I am in the process of creating a framework used for developing mostly simulation-type games (but, a general game framework is the ultimate goal). As a result, I am attempting to plan out several fundamental systems and subsystems (including Events/Messaging, Actions/Behaviors, Dialog/Quests...
  3. H

    Question how to delete only one clone of a game object

    I am developing an android math game it involves the use of coin with a value on it. i am wondering wondering what will i do in order to delete only one object in my game for example if i have coin1(clone) and coin1(clone)(clone).. if i click coin1(clone)(clone) it will be destroyed. but in my...
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