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    How to get parameters of a selected Category

    Hi. Working with Revit API. Selected category is in the variable called "category". How to make a list of parameters that belong to that category and put it inside of a new ComboBox? Assuming that I am going to need to continue inside of the Class.cs file. Should I create a list of all elements...
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    Question windows events

    what is the difference between enter event and mouseenter event
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    Question retrieving information from sqlite database

    Hi i have a basic application that is used to display customer information from a sql database, i am using a datagridview to display the information, i also have a form that has texboxdes on it to enter customer information for adding to that database which currently works. what i need to do now...
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    Stock Map

    Hi guys, I am creating a system in the C # language, via Visual Studio with Windows Forms. And he will have to make an appointment to return the streets registered on a basis. The query will return, the quantity of products on the street, the street name, longitude and latitude of the street...
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    Answered How to colour a textbox which contain the maximum value of a two-dimensional array?

    I have a two-dimensional array of random integers that are in an array of textboxes. I found the maximum and brought it to Label1. Everything works. But I still need to colour the textbox in which this maximum is located. I had versions, but unsuccessful. Please help, who knows where the error...
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    Question number in error log

    Personal, I would like the following information, I have a validation, and in this validation I send a message in the application to the user that the cell G of the line should be filled, my code looks like this: private void PreliminaryVerification(IEnumerable<DataRow> data) {...
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    Complex C# code

    Not so long ago I moved to the Faculty of Computer Science, lagging behind the classmates and I find it difficult to write this code. If you can help at least partly, I will be very grateful. Here is the task:
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    Question Remove check box column from datagridview when clear datagridview

    i have created datagridview dynamically with check box column,once i refresh my datagrid its removes all data except checkbox column,below code for adding checkbox column in datagrid DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn chk = new DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn(); dataGridView1.Columns.Add(chk)...
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