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Apr 24, 2016
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I want to make a c# application that for example pings a server.

I have a list of 200+ servers. 10 servers I want to ping every 5 seconds, 50 servers I want to ping every 30seconds and the remaining every 1 minute. All data will be stored in a database. How would I go about in seperating these 3 groups to ping every x amount of seconds and storing them in the DB. Also note that I wanto to change them around from time to time, ie. that only 1 server i need to ping every 2 seconds, etc, so this whole program needs to be dynamic for future change.

I hope I am making sense

Do you need to conserve the number of active sockets you are using? Or will you do the appropriate system configurations to allow the max number of open sockets and the code won't have to worry about such limits?
What I was trying to allude to is that if you asked a C programmer for help with this, they well seek to implement where you only ever open a single socket for "efficiency". On the other hand, if you were asking a C++, C#, or Java computer scientist for help, they would seek to implement this in the clearest object oriented way, but unfortunately will naively assume that there could potentially be an infinite number of available sockets that can be opened, but the code would look really simple. And then if the C++, C#, Java computer engineer who will try to bridge the gap between the super efficient C way of doing things, and the object oriented way doing things, by using a queue of some sort.
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