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    Resolved Needs some assistance with a seat reservation system.

    I'm currently creating a windows form project which is for a coach booking system using the baked in SQL server. What I'm trying to figure out at the moment is the best way to reserve a seat for a particular customer. In my coach table i have the coach Type i.e. single decker and double...
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    Resolved help creating a query for finding a record between two dates.

    EDIT: i fixed it. the issue was that i was inputting the incorrect format. when writing dateTimePicker1.Value.toString(dd//MM//yyyy)....it should have been **dateTimePicker1.Value.toString(MM/dd/yyyy)** im creating a project in visual studio using the baked in SQL server. I'm trying to create...
  3. codify

    Question implement the crud operations?

    Hye, everyone. So I am following this video to implement the crud operations using c#. I had a discussing here too and I did the changes as they said! Still, the error is there! Please help me!
  4. L

    Question Resturant management system with database

    Hello. I want create desktop application for resturant With c sharp and sql server. Forms..... Form Foods Form Drinks Form Report > Daily and Monthly Thanks for help.
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