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    Resolved postgreSQL

    Dear Visual Studio Experts, I am trying to access PostGreSQL from Visual Studio. I need to implement a C# script that allows users to access and modify some information I recorded in a PostGre database. Since Visual Studio is a MicroSoft product, it sees all the MS databases in this local...
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    What would I need to use if I'm looking to create a conversational AI?

    For my final year project I've decided to create a chatbot about mental health i.e. depression and anxiety. I’ll be working on it from the end of this month until the start of September. My question is what would be the best way to implement this? Baring in mind this would be about mental...
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    (Austin, TX) Wanted: .NET / C# Developer with a heart of gold

    Wanna work with a bunch of a$$h0les? Neither do we. Good Character = Good Culture At Engagency, culture is the natural result of attracting good people. We believe that a good company culture depends as much on what you give, as what you get. It?s the character of each individual that defines...
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    Question Beginner looking some advice/ answers :)

    Hello everyone, I'm just starting to get in to coding and using Asp.net/ C# for some projects and I'm just looking some advice as to what would be the best way to approach a task ive been given.... Basically my task is to help build a sort of University module help centre where lecturers etc...
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