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Nov 18, 2015
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Hello everyone, I'm just starting to get in to coding and using C# for some projects and I'm just looking some advice as to what would be the best way to approach a task ive been given....

Basically my task is to help build a sort of University module help centre where lecturers etc can put their files up for students to access etc...

My task is listed as As an Academic Program Manager I can review suggested module description changes
submitted by Lecturers so that I can approve them

Basically the Program manager is just an account that someone can log into it and what they should be able to do is take a look at what a lecturer wants to change in their module, such as maybe the description of the module and the pro manager can then decide weather they want to roll with the lectures changes or not, generally they will be approved so no need to decline changes really but just review them and then approve them on through to the DB.

Basically my question is I dont quite know how to best go about doing this, should I create multiple pages linking? Should I use listview? Im not strong with coding as Im just a beginner but I basically need to have a page where the pro manager can review any changes made by lecturer and submit I aint sure how to go about this...

Any help would be great and if you have any further questions or need something explained I will be more than willing to help..

Ryan D
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