1. R

    Just starting, looking for some pointers

    Hey, I recently wanted to get back into programming, but my only experience was simple Java and python from my school classes, the farthest we really went was covering the basics such as syntax, but I'd like some pointers or good resources to learn C# as it's the language I'm really interested...
  2. toto_sharp

    C# which version to learn?

    Hi all, I've recently started learning c#, my question is which version of c# should I start learning?
  3. AndrewShev05

    Folder Browser Dialog to work in picturebox

    Hello, I am a bare-bones beginner with very little to no knowledge of C# programming, also new to the forum. I want to make an image viewer to load a whole folder of images and be able to scroll through them. I met a large speedbump that I cannot figure out. I am using the folder browser dialog...
  4. Rafael Vinicius

    Resolved how do i do this?

    1 - In order to represent employees in a company, create a class called Employee that includes the following three information as attributes: a first name, a surname, and a monthly salary. all attributes must be public at this point. 2 - Create a constructor that initializes all the attributes...
  5. E

    How do you make your own implementation of stack w/out using built in stack

    Hello there! I am a beginner currently taking a diploma course in computer science. One of our exercises is to make a simple console program using stack . The instruction notes: Create the stack using your own implementation of arrays. Do not make use of the built in Stack for this. Also...
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