1. toto_sharp

    C# which version to learn?

    Hi all, I've recently started learning c#, my question is which version of c# should I start learning?
  2. AndrewShev05

    Folder Browser Dialog to work in picturebox

    Hello, I am a bare-bones beginner with very little to no knowledge of C# programming, also new to the forum. I want to make an image viewer to load a whole folder of images and be able to scroll through them. I met a large speedbump that I cannot figure out. I am using the folder browser dialog...
  3. Rafael Vinicius

    Resolved how do i do this?

    1 - In order to represent employees in a company, create a class called Employee that includes the following three information as attributes: a first name, a surname, and a monthly salary. all attributes must be public at this point. 2 - Create a constructor that initializes all the attributes...
  4. E

    How do you make your own implementation of stack w/out using built in stack

    Hello there! I am a beginner currently taking a diploma course in computer science. One of our exercises is to make a simple console program using stack . The instruction notes: Create the stack using your own implementation of arrays. Do not make use of the built in Stack for this. Also...
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