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  1. EYEris

    I need advice about custom libraries/frameworks and relevant design patterns

    I am in the process of creating a framework used for developing mostly simulation-type games (but, a general game framework is the ultimate goal). As a result, I am attempting to plan out several fundamental systems and subsystems (including Events/Messaging, Actions/Behaviors, Dialog/Quests...
  2. PJ33

    how to read library documentation-Math.NET ?

    Hello I am new in C# and I try to understand on how to read the documentation of libraries and implement it. Here an example from is shown: using System; using MathNet.Numerics; using MathNet.Numerics.LinearAlgebra; class Program { static void...
  3. M

    How to efficiently incorporate sample projects form GitHub into your solution (currently struggling with MapSui)

    For some time now I’ve been trying to use the NuGet library Mapsui to create a WPF application with some GIS capabilities.. Mapsui link The instruction are very clear and simple to get a basic app running that will open up OpenStreepMap and allow you to zoom and pan. Beyond that (say loading...
  4. R

    Question try to code my 1st class library, lots of compilation errors

    Hi, C# forum, just start C#, try out the 1st class library, in it, simply try to UpdateWindow using the input whnd argument, however, receive lots of compilation errors, can someone please help ? would be grateful can provide me link to have concise and clear illustration of how to create...
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