1. X

    Resolved OOP project help and info needed

    Hello I got an mock exam to practice, my real exam is in two weeks. I'm studying to become a teacher (this is an extra class I took) but with corona I had so many things to do including internship, etc. So I really I did not have a lot of time to practice C sharp. I only understand the basics...
  2. stad_nico

    program a village system in c#

    I am very new to c# and to programming in general and I have quite a complex idea and I dont know how to do that properly. So my idea is to have a village that the user can build itself, meaning he can build houses, farmlands,... and there are 50 people living in that village. What I thought of...
  3. D

    Question Accessing variable value from another class?

    Hello! I am very new to C# and new to these forums so I apologize if this is the wrong area to post this. The reason I come to the forums is simply: I have no idea how to word this properly into Google. Anyways, I have created a separate class and created a sub method in that class that will...
  4. R

    Wrapping my head around classes

    I'm just starting to work on a fairly simple game just for programming practice/fun and I'm trying to start doing things in a "proper" and efficient fashion rather than my usual "do whatever is most convenient at the time" method that ends up in a confusing mess. One thing I'm really unsure...
  5. L

    Question About classes in wpf

    Hey guys could one of you please help out on this its real urgent because its for a project due the 18th op april. How to make a class for currency conversion and interest calculation c# on wpf ?? Please guys help me on this one. Thanks.
  6. earleybird36

    Help understanding the whole class name space thing.

    Hi all, Just changing careers and learning C#. I've played around with C, and Swift and know the basics. C# is ok so far but whats holing me back is the name space section. I just can't wrap my head around it. Can somebody here explain it to me like a 1st grader. I watched many youtube videos...
  7. R

    Conceptual help Different classes in a single List<>?

    I'm working on a project using a beaglebone/mono and I want to display inputs, outputs, alarms, etc all on a single datagridview. The problem is that the classes for these are quite different. I could just use separate classes and manually fill the DGV but I was thinking there should be a way to...
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