click event

  1. G

    mouse hover, mouse leave verses touch start, touch end, click, double click

    I have a Windows Form project in C#, for example I have events like mouse hover over picture box and mouse leave from a picture box. My question is in a case of using a tablet or a phone or touch screen monitor and no mouse is present, I would like to have an option of touch start (similar to...
  2. WiiLF

    Question Subscribe and Catch child control click event

    Hey Community! Happy to be here. I have a form that contains a custom list control. In this list control, is a flexlayout control called flpListBox with rows of results. I am having problems catching the click event of each item. I can MessageBox the sender object key (the song name in this...
  3. flashkid10

    Listview SubItem ClickEvent

    I'm current creating an app (POC) that list events, and it is going to have a weekly view (Sun-Sat). when you click on a cell it will do something; I want to send a number at a method called "ShowDetails(int x), how would I tag a number onto a subitem and have it send it when the subitem is...
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