1. riya

    Resolved get value multiple map inside list

    Hi guys, I am very new to c#, i want to fetch data from below structure. Can someone please help me how can i fetch same. "replicableInsuranceDetails" : [ { "insurance" : "new", "insuredGender" : "M", "insuredEmploymentStatus" : "empPartTime"...
  2. Z

    CS1061 Unity Error

    Hi guys, New to coding trying to create player movement and these errors are showing up in unity - Assets\Script\Movement.cs(16,26): error CS1061: 'Vector2' does not contain a definition for 'GetAxisRaw' and no accessible extension method 'GetAxisRaw' accepting a first argument of type...
  3. Chxnge4790

    Question How to executor code at program startup?

    Hi :D Can anyone help me, how do i execute a line of code when I launch my build/exe?
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