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    HttpOnly cookie in development environment

    Hi, i have the Problem that i want to send after a successul Login on my net core Web API a httponly cookie to the Browser (to save a Refresh Token Authorisation). But i can't see after the Login the cookie in the Browser (Development Tools - Application Data). I am in development Mode: API...
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    Question Web application did not enforce a content security policy

    Hi I Have a Security Issue on my Web Application. My ASP.NET Web application did not enforce a content security policy. This could potentially allow an attacker to insert malicious, executable content into the application's responses. CSP is currently supported by most modern browsers, with the...
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    Question Change the default behavior of Internet Explorer using C#

    I want to make a small web application. The details are given below. Three tabs will be opened in an Internet Explorer. Each tab will go to our client's website i.e. The client's website has a database of addresses. The has an address checking tool. I will enter 3...
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