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Apr 27, 2014
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I want to make a small web application. The details are given below.

Three tabs will be opened in an Internet Explorer. Each tab will go to our client's website i.e.

The client's website has a database of addresses. The has an address checking tool. I will enter 3 different addresses at a time in 3 different tabs of the address checking tool. However, the default behavior of Internet explorer checks result for any one address from the 3 different addresses entered.

How can I modify the default behavior of Internet explorer (Please note that I want to modify the default behavior of Internet Explorer only in the application, not in the actual IE), so that it returns 3 different addresses?

Thanks in advance.
I'm not 100% sure what you mean but it sounds like what you're talking about has nothing whatsoever to do with IE but is rather a function of the web site that you're entering the data into. Can you provide a more detailed explanation of exactly what you're doing, what you're seeing and what you want to see, perhaps with an example or two.
I apologize for any confusion created by me in the original post.

In simple words, my client has website The has an address checking tool at

Suppose, I have the following 2 addresses:

423 W 7 ST, LANSDALE, PA 19446
1112 Trantwood Avenue, VA Beach, VA 23454

My job is to verify whether the above 2 addresses exists in client database, i.e. in or not.

Currently, we check both addresses one by one. This is taking more time.

My job is to develop an application that can open 2 Internet Explorer tabs or 2 Internet explorers in new window and check both the addresses at the same time. Please not that this is easy if I use 2 different browsers like firefox and IE; however, only IE is allowed from client side.

Thank you for your quick response.
Again, I would say that that has nothing to do with IE. If you have three IE tabs or windows open then IE will treat them separately. If IE sends three requests to the web site and it treats them all as one because all three windows are in the same session then that's the web site that is not working the way you want, not the browser. Any browser will only allow you to have one session open at any particular domain at a time.

You still really haven't provided a proper explanation anyway. It seems that beginner programmers don't know what the word "exactly" means. When you open these three tabs/windows and enter an address in each one and submit, what EXACTLY are you doing, what EXACTLY are you seeing and what EXACTLY are you expecting to see?
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