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  1. B

    Question I have a problem encrypting the database connection data file inside the xml file

    0 I have a problem encrypting the database connection data file inside the xml file Please help encrypt the xml file, as it contains data for connecting to the database when entering the system It remains encrypted so that the server data is not known Project source code...
  2. R

    Chart - How to set column spacing

    Hi there. I have this code to my chart, using C# WinForms: chart1.Series[0].IsVisibleInLegend = false; chart1.Series[0].ChartType = SeriesChartType.Line; chart1.Series[0].Points.DataBindXY(Enumerable.Range(0, 5000).ToArray(), array1); The result is below: I'd like to set the X legend to...
  3. Jfisher387

    certain rows not updating data in a DGV?

    Hello all, Working on inventory software for in house use at my machine shop i work at. I have been working on this and learning c# for over a year now. Still a long road to go. Currently I have a DGV that we perform transactions on to change the qty of our in house tooling. and if it falls...
  4. J

    Need Windows Forms

    I installed Visual Studio Community Edition. In the setup I selected .NET desktop development where it said: Build WPF, Windows Forms, and console applications using C#... and .NET Framework Windows Forms and an occasional console application are all I'm interested in. When installation was...
  5. Programmable Physics

    WinForms : adding a form1 object as a parameter of radiobutton event causes error in the Designer

    Here are the code snippeds, form1.cs: And, here is the Designer ERROR : If I pass a form object as an parameter into a normal method argument, it works fine this way, no designer & eventhandler error occurs. However if I use events like RadioButton Checked Changed, then I get this EVENT...
  6. Programmable Physics

    Dragging an item from listBox1 and droping the item into listBox2 code does not work(AllowDrop=true)

    Although both of the listBoxes **AllowDrop=true** listBox2 does not allow me to drop an item from listbox1 into listBox2. VS 2022 does not give any error, warning or exception handling problem. The problem is that this code does not do what it supposed to do. It does not let me carry 1 item...
  7. Programmable Physics

    Basic use of Linklabel tool in winforms gives Exception Handling Error

    This simple code gives Exception Handling Error: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using System.Windows.Forms; namespace...
  8. SamueDexterAYG

    Resolved How to transfer a specific listview column items to a listbox in C#

    Hello everyone. I will be grateful for your kind help on this one. I am trying to transfer a specific listview column items to a listbox in C#. Heres my effort below. Unfortunately my code rather iterates though only the entry of the specified column and splits it as letters into the listbox...
  9. M

    Erratic behavior of TextBox "TextChanged" event

    I have inserted in the GUI a TextBox. It must hold a number between 0 and 1 that represents a lower threshold for accepting a structure name guessed by the Dice coefficient. I have set a default but the user can edit the threshold. Therefore I have to check the number entered is between 0 and...
  10. maddyrafi

    Password case sensitive

    Sir, I save my password in database is SAAmi@123 but if even enter in small letters saami@123 means its also logging in but it was not correct. please correct in my code pls if (textBox9.Text != "" && textBox10.Text != "") { string connectionString; MySqlConnection cnn; connectionString =...
  11. Omer Butt

    Resolved Label is showing Total result by adding total to previous total instead new total

    I have created a function named ClearAllAfterSale() in which I Clear DataGridView, Textboxes and reset Labels as shown below: private void ClearAllAfterSale() { DGV_Med.Rows.Clear(); Lbl_Total.ResetText(); Lbl_Total.ResetText()...
  12. A

    How to detect when client delete license file desktop app ?

    I working on desktop application windows desktop made by csharp I make license file have period of license as 30 day and start date and computer mac address my issue is clients delete license file so desktop app start as first day after delete this file so how to prevent users from delete...
  13. MetaGota

    Winforms C# Read random line from Pastebin

    Hello, I'm trying to find a way to read a random line from a Pastebin WebClient WC = new WebClient(); List<string> TEST = new List<string>(); Random Rand = new Random(); StreamReader testReader = new StreamReader(WC.DownloadString("Pastebin"))...
  14. A

    How to read barcode scanner and receive it on datagridview pos pharamacy ?

    I work on c# windows desktop application on POS Form for pharmacy I need to read barcode to datagridview for every item AND when read another item again go to next line for every reading barcode so are there are any sample for pos form with datagridview on GitHub or any web site so i can't...
  15. developer8123413764

    RSS Feed on label in Windows Forms?

    Hi Does anybody know how to make a label that shows a rss title,description or link? Please help Thx
  16. developer8123413764

    (GoBack,GoForward,etc.) Controls from Form1 to Form2

    Hi I want to make a WebBrowser. Dont ask why i want it to make how i want it. The buttons (GoBack,GoForward,etc.) should be on Form1. The webBrowser is on Form2. How can i controll the webBrowser from Form1? Please help Thx
  17. D

    Slider colors not updating.

    So I want to have an Rainbow Color Gradient option in my application. Everything else changes its color except the sliders. They only update the color when I change their value. Is there any way to fix it? A code or something? Here is a short GIF of my problem: Gyazo
  18. Budhikakgsl

    How to Plot All the data Points Real Time

    I want to plot all the data points, I get from the TCP server. But I could not figure out a way to plot all the data points. Instead currently I print the string to the text box. From the text box only the first line is printed. This is a real time data plotting for an oscilloscope GUI. How can...
  19. codify

    Answered Setting primary key in windows form

    Hello! I am have connected SQL management studio with my visual studio where I am making this hospital management system. I have set the PATIENT ID as the primary key in the SQL management studio. But when I am entering duplicate id, there is no objection being made by the code. What should I do...
  20. codify

    Storring wrong data in a text box!

    Hello! In a window form, Patient id is being stored in both text box1 and textbox2. It is not storing the name of the patient in textbox2. Please help! private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(@"Data...
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