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    Question What is wrong on function ExecuteNonQuery to work as Best Practise ?

    I work on c# app I need to make function make insert data or update or delete dynamically so that I do function below for insert or update or delete but I don't know what must added or remove from function below to make function work as best practice . public static async Task<int>...
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    Question Parallel class to modify flickrviewer app

    You are asked to use Parallel class to modify FlickrViewer app by adding image resizing functionality. More specifically, resize found image(s) and save these resized image locally. You can find the details about how to resize the image from Basic Image Manipulation in C# Here is the link to...
  3. The Techie

    export datagridview using office.word.interop.dll instead of Spire.Doc.dll ?

    How to implement the logic of the below code using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll? Now iam using third party dll(Spire.Doc.dll), instead of Spire.Doc.dll i want to use Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll . Please help me to implement this logic using office word dll. Thank you using...
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    what i write inside loop to display similar item code on datagridview and insert diff

    Problem what i write inside loop to display similar item code on datagridview and insert different itemcode on database sql serverSQL Server Database(2014) Items Table ItemCode(pk) ItemName 001 mouse 002 keyboard 003...
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    Question How can I Load Diferrent XML Files?

    Good day, I need to do Something like this https://youtu.be/ecvunlsNm9k But Instead Of using tables, using textboxes In one form, and with different Files, let me explain you with an example: In Form 1, There are 2 Textboxes, and 1 button that button opens a file like in the video, but with the...
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