1. B

    Simple C#/WPF code for a MouseDoubleClick on a ListBox item?

    There are numerous comments about MouseDoubleClick for a ListBox and ListView. Most are a bit complicated. One that looks simple is MouseBinding.Gesture Property (System.Windows.Input). However, it is not clear if this would work for a ListBox, or how to implement it. Is there an example...
  2. S

    Question Xaml layout problem

    Hi everyone, I'm making a window, the first image you see is the visual studio editor, the second the program started, but why the heck it destroys the whole layout .. I can't understand if it's a problem with the size of the objects , many are not even displayed 😭 <Window...
  3. Seb7100

    Question Disable Windows functions when program is running

    Hello, we are developing a program in WPF - C#. We need to block windows functionality such as the job list, start menu, log off, restart, close, windows + d, etc. That is to say, all kinds of admin stuff must be blocked. However, it must be possible that when the program is shut down there is...
  4. Dragon4ik

    Resolved Async method doesn't work

    I've faced with the problem, trying to set a timeout for function execution. I have the following code: public BitmapImage[,] GetResult(List<BitmapImage> list) { var task = Task.Run(() => GetBestPuzzleImage(list)); if (task.Wait(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10)))...
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